Hop To It | Hop Update #1

My word, how these Triffids do grow! Hop cultivation is certainly off to a stellar start, with beyond-belief Spring weather providing some excellent growing conditions.

Unknown Variety #1
Unknown Variety #2

With four days of blue skies over the long weekend, my friend Dany (landscaper by trade) and I also set to sorting out a raised garden bed out the back of my property. What would have been a good three days of me muddling through things solo ended up only taking the two of us about four hours.

♫ We get by with a little help from our friends ♫
♫ We get by with a little help from our friends ♫

Thank goodness for Dany’s expertise and powertools. The hops will soon be finding their permanent abode in this wee area once the work is completed.

Basically doing all the work
Getting there!

Next up – training the hops!


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